The Open Door Christian Church is led by a group of leaders that we call our Elders. They are not called Elders because they are all older than the rest of us, but rather because they are mature in their faith and are fully in agreement with the vision that God has called our church to. They work faithfully and in unity to accomplish the mission that God has given our congregation. We currently have five men and two women who serve as our elders, along with our leader, Pastor Steve. The primary responsibility of the Elders is to prayerfully set the course for our congregation according to God’s will for us. Elders also have the responsibility to steward the physical location and finances of our congregation, as well as model as leaders the kind of people we believe God is calling us to be.

Our Elders are Brian Ditmarson, Pete Johnson, Shane Johnson, John Liebl, Deb Spichke, Dave Warmack and Tonya Zimmer. We truly believe that God has given our church these leaders at this time to accomplish the very critical work that God has set before us. We are blessed by their faith and service.